Why Join?

What makes this club so special?
Networking Skills

Every student who joins FBLA and attends a conference or workshop always walks away with new networking skills. Over 10,000 students attend the NLC; everyone is bound to make one new friend.

Public Speaking

FBLA allows students to grow out of their shell. Students meet other students everywhere, in the elevator, conference room and even at dinner. By the end of the conference, no one is shy and everyone now has new communication skills.


There are over 60 events for every student to compete in. Those which are group events allow students to learn about every dynamic when working in a group. Students learn how to solve and prevent problems that may arise.


When students join FBLA they join an organization that will make them the leaders of tomorrow. Leaders will be the ones that will be more successful and wealthy in the future.


River Hill FBLA is one of the best chapters in the state and all our new members help keep it that way
Thirteen Years on the Throne

Ever since the beginning of River Hill FBLA, our chapter was known for being the best. The River Hill High School Chapter of the Future Business Leaders of America was first chartered in 1999. Teresa Waters and Lorene Canella were the first co-advisers of River Hill FBLA. They both dedicated time from their busy schedules to immerse themselves in FBLA. Since then, one of the original advisers, Ms. Canella, has left the school and Mrs. Waters has taken the reins as full adviser for our chapter. She has spent countless hours, and River Hill FBLA’s good fortune and success can only be attributed to her keen leadership ability. River Hill has won the state championship trophy many times since its birth in 1999. In 2006, the trophy was retired by RHFBLA, proof that we have won the state championship 13 times in 15 years. And at this year’s State Leadership Conference, River Hill FBLA has won the Louis T. Kaminski Award for the eleventh consecutive year.

  • Start your own business

    FBLA members are 40 % more likely to start their own business after high school graduation.

  • Attend a four year college

    FBLA members are 25% more likely to say they plan to attend a four year college or university

  • Improve your academic performance

    60% of students interested in business majors/careers say FBLA positively impacted their academic performance.

  • Have Fun

    Everyone who joins FBLA has fun while learning how to be successful in life

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